Welcome to the crossword puzzle. Each month a new puzzle will be posted. Each puzzle will have a theme. For this, the first one, I thought it fitting the theme would be trivia related to Woodland Beach and the surrounding area.

1. shoreline invader
2. bayshore club activity
3. lane from North St. to Park Rd.
4. between Edmore and Bluewater
5. the ice man
6. the bay
7. historical homeland
8. one time naval base
9. woodland beach slogan word
10. common area bird
11. current mayor
12. club pres
13. du Loup host
14. Tiny well feature
15. tomb island
16. avian isle
17. one of the drives
18. northern neighbour
19. southern neighbour
20. john graves
21. village community term
22. boat launch beach
23. local paper or seasonal dweller
24. endangered visitor
25. one of the w's
26. concession 2 road
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