We have some great sporting activities at our club in both the Summer and Winter.  New members are welcome.


Our indoor court is available Monday, and Sunday. Please see the schedule for time slots. Why is pickleball so popular? Played on a court roughly one-third the size of a badminton court, pickleball uses a low net, graphite paddles, and a light-weight plastic ball. It combines elements of tennis, racquetball, badminton, and table tennis.

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Von Smart Fitness Program

(Seniors maintaining active roles together)

An exercise program for seniors that accommodates all levels of ability. It improves strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular health and is designed to reduce the risk of a falls.

Pre-registration is encouraged.  Contact VON Smart Fitness to register: 705-355-2200

Ladies Mini Putt League

For those ladies who do not want to venture out onto the BIG course we have our mini-putt league which takes place at Pedro’s in Wasaga Beach on Tuesday mornings at 8:30am. This league typically has about 75 ladies and includes 4 luncheons throughout the season and runs from May until September.

Nordic Pole Walking

Nordic pole walking is a total body, low impact workout that provides cardio training and muscle strengthening all in one exercise.  It reduces high blood pressure, activates 90% of the body’s muscles, promotes an upright posture and strengthens the core.  It is an effective management exercise for chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, neuromuscular and cardio related diseases.

Von provides the poles and instructions for beginners. Two Von instructors accompany every group allowing for people to go at the pace that best suits their needs.

Table Tennis

Come out and have some fun playing Table Tennis or Ping Pong with our Bayshore members. Check the calendar for days and times. Everyone is welcome, this is a mixed group and no experience is necessary.

Healthy Lifestyle

The Lifestyle group begins with a discussion on anything relating to our personal health and wellness, followed by an exercise routine.  Members can choose between chair exercises or they can work out to a video. Guest speakers are scheduled throughout the season. Usually topics are related to health concerns or community services that are available. Our group is about staying healthy and informed.

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