2 Day Excursion from your Travel Committee

Hello, Bayshore and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

The travel committee is bringing you a 2-day trip at the end of November 2023.  We have been allotted 15 seats as we will join the group out of Toronto.  Please read the flyer posted in our Newsletter for all the information on this fun-filled excursion.  We will be at the General Meeting in the craft room to help you with registration or any questions.

Remember that we are limited to 15 seats for the best price, but we can do 12 with a price increase.  We are on a deadline, so the sooner we know you are going, the better.

Hope to see you on October 10th in the craft room before or after the meeting!

Your Travel Committee: Marilyn L, Betty B, Susan D and Debbie G

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