20 Members Signed Up for Chair Yoga

Thank you for signing up so quickly. It certainly shows how excited we are to start this activity at Bay Shore.

The following people have signed up:

Carol Mumford                             Carol Hackney                                 Florence Burns                               Carol Ivey                                    Helen Manion                               Lorri Watson                                    Nancy McKeown                             Lida Trimble                                Lorraine Cobbett                          Sue Millington                                 Valerie DeVeau                                Sandy Baker                                Marge Riordon                              Peggy Kerk                                      Sheila Holmes                                Jean Bond                                  Sheila Berkestyn                          Jerri Hamill (if she has a ride).      Sharon Buchy                                 Helen Harris

Sorry, the list is so messy. I had perfect rows when I produced it! If I have missed anyone, please let me know at info@bayshoreseniors.ca as soon as you can.

What do you think of this list Cheryl Kizoff? Very exciting. Do you have any idea how many you can take for your class in the Main Hall at Bay Shore? I believe we can fit about 20 – 24 members.

Cheryl, is there anything the ladies should bring with them other than water?

Thank you once again,


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