49th Anniversary Tea

First, I want to thank all our dedicated volunteers who made our 49th Anniversary Tea a success. Our committee comprised Dee Colton, Carolyn Shelswell, Sue Millington, Judy Cabell, Lynn Davis, and myself. Our set-up committee – Friday’s pickleball players, Sue Millington, Lynn Davis, Judy Cabell, Dee and Gord Colton, George Hayles, Carolyn Shelswell, Bev Grant, Willi Menzies and myself. Take down committee – all of the above, along with Don and Karen Whitfield, Caroline Eden, and others who offered to pitch in (huge thank you).

Ticket takers: Lynn Davis and Lina Bertucci;  Boutonnières placed on Lifetime and Honourary Members: Dee Colton and Carolyn Shelswell; Share the Wealth: Caroline Eden and Sue Millington. Bar: Sandy McLoughlin and Norm McLaughlin.

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up to the snow. Big, giant snowflakes. Finally, they stopped around 11:00, melted, and the sun came out. Most of our members arrived around 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. You could feel the excitement of older members seeing one another again. We had a couple of special guests: Marjorie Evans and her daughter, Madaline Spence and her daughter and son-in-law, along with Kay Wilson. So wonderful to see you.

We had an extraordinary light luncheon that Nica prepared above and beyond with edible flowers, homemade macaroons, delicious scones, fruit skewers, salmon with cream cheese and capers, and our regular sandwiches.

We presented a gift to our three past presidents who had attended: Madaline Spence, Rosella Laux, and Sandy Baker.

Then we presented our Honourary Member for 2024: Mo Parkes, one of my favourite people. It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait, as I got to present the award to her.

Share the Wealth Winners: Pam Bronson, Norma Vienneau, and Madaline Spence.

We drew a ticket for the Boston Pizza certificate for $50.00, and the winner was Shirley Richardson.

Then we relaxed and listened to the beautiful music by Adrien Robitaille.

Thank you to our 80+ attendees who made our afternoon a wonderful day.


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