For those of you who are not aware, we have mailboxes for all our members. They are located above the desk outside the washroom in the Lobby. They are alphabetized. Take a look in there occasionally to see if you have mail. Those of you who need to sign a waiver, we have put them in your mail slot. Please sign, and return form to the office. If office is closed, slip it through the mail box on the office door.

Sandy has also left badges for all new members in your mailboxes. If you are very new, we sent you a note asking if you want a magnetic backing on your badge or a pin backing. Once you let us know, we will have your badge produced. For those of us who have badges already if you wish to change the backing to a magnet, it will cost you $3.00. Drop your badge off in the office and we will have them changed over. Remember, if you have a pace-maker – you shouldn’t have a magnetic backing.

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