Bay Shore’s Alarm

This is how I feel when I get a call after midnight saying someone has left the alarm off at Bay Shore. I jump up out of bed, thinking something terrible has happened, throw clothes on, heart racing…  running – well, driving to the Club to investigate if anything is wrong by myself. What a state; imagine if there was!!! 

THIS HAS TO CHANGE! I feel uncomfortable that late at night. A couple of ladies have offered to meet me who live close, which I’m grateful. That’s not the point…  do I want to put them through what I just went through? Sirens going off in your head! I usually don’t sleep until the wee hours of the morning – but this particular night – out until 11:00 pm, chatted with mom, while getting her ready for bed, and then off I went. Out like a light. 

I have had the cameras hooked up to the internet. Now, I need them installed. I was hoping before the long weekend, but it’s here. I will then be able to videotape the last member out; and as a bonus anyone being destructive around the Club.

I will call that member and have them return and set the alarm. If they don’t have a key, they must contact the person convening that activity and have them turn the alarm off. Now we’ve disturbed at least two or three people. 

This happened Wednesday, May 17th!

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