The food was delicious, thanks to Bill and Terry and our runner, Gord!

BIG THANK YOU to Lynn Davis and her BBQ committee for putting on this evening. Thank you, Karen and Don Whitfield, Bill Brown, Lidia Trimble, Gord Colton, Sue & Terry Millington (for providing great music over the speakers), Sandy and Char Baker for ordering and picking up our pies. Thank you, Dee, for looking after our Share the Wealth with your assistant Peggy Hawthorn. Thank you, Marg Robertson, for doing Grace. Our Bartenders, Sandy McLoughlin and Norm McLaughlin, for making those special drinks. Thanks to Sheila and Daphne for taking our tickets for the draws. George Hales won the big draw – two tickets to the Fall Wasaga Murder Mystery Night and Dinner, donated by Judy Plowright. Congratulations.

There is one person, in particular, I want to give recognition to, and that’s Elaine Willison. Elaine came to work in the kitchen, worked through supper and helped clean up. She didn’t buy a ticket, and when offered supper, she said, “I only came to help.” I don’t believe she ate. You worked very hard, wish you had taken a meal. Next time!       Elaine, thank you, that’s called support and dedication to your Club.

When you think about last year’s BBQ, we had 34 members help. For this BBQ, the committee had 11 very dedicated volunteers. It feels to me something more is happening than a “Changing of the Guard.” We had 67 people last year; we only had 40, of which five were my family. We thank our 40 members for braving the tornado warnings and joining us for a beautiful evening.

It looks as if we made $477 profit. For comparison, last year our profit with 67 people was $495.

Do you have any comments or concerns you would like to share to add to the success of this event?


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