Calling All Tele-Pals (Phone Callers)

Hello, it’s Lorri calling from Bay Shore. How are you doing these days? I miss our phone conversations!

I’d like to know how many of our phone callers are interested in continuing to call their phone list.  At Christmas, we asked you to let us know how many members are still on your list and if they are still interested in getting a call.  We only heard about changes to your list from two or three. Please give them a call and let Sandy 705-518-0078 know who is still interested in receiving a call from you and whether you are interested in continuing to call.

During our last General Meeting, some members wanted this back. Once we know where you are, we will go through the roaster and find out if any of our newer members would like to be called for updates, news of member passing, etc.

If this can be taken care of as soon as possible, we can clean up our list.

Thank you,



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