Conveners – Advise Start Up Date for Activity

This message is going out to you to ask when you want to start up your activity. I have some members very anxious to get started, and others who would like to wait.

Please provide me with your start-up dates by Friday February 4th, and I’ll advise membership when each activity will start.

Marilyn you do not need to get cookies. I just want members to know they are able to start having coffee again when you are ready.  There will be members who come to your activity and won’t want to stay for coffee or tea.

Christine and Kevin we are waiting on the ruling whether the four (4) players would be allowed to take their mask off while playing. Once they finish their game, the mask goes back on.

If you have any other questions about start up let me know, and I will address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you

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