Election Time at Bayshore Seniors’

We Need YOU to Step Up!

Message from the Election Committee

With the possibility of the Club holding its first General Meeting in November we felt it was necessary to inform the membership of the current situation of the Executive.


President Lorri Watson
1st Vice President Claude Richardson
2nd Vice President Florence Burns
Recording Secretary Margaret Robertson
Treasurer Carol Hackney
Assistant Treasurer Lina Bertucci
Corresponding Secretary Mary Bernardino
Director Jerri Hamill
Director Bill Brown
Director Gord Colton

All the above positions are open for any member in good standing to run.

According to the constitution your Election Committee approached the members on that slate, with the exception of Claude Richardson and Mary Bernardino who left the Executive in 2020. Therefore, all but 5 have agreed to remain in office. Below are the 5 positions that will need to be filled for the club to continue with the day-to-day operations.

1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Assistant Treasurer
Corresponding Secretary

These positions are extremely important and must be filled; otherwise the club and all the activities you enjoy are in jeopardy of closing down. I am sure you do not want to lose any part of Bay Shore after it was closed for so long due to COVID-19.

It is imperative that we have people volunteer to fill these open positions.

Please contact one of the Election Committee members if you are interested in running for any of the above positions or if you have questions regarding the duties of said positions.

We would love to hear from you before the end of October so we can be prepared at the next general meeting.

Your Election Committee:
Sandy Baker
Marilyn Lester
Debbie Gutsell

You already voted!

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