June General Meeting Very Important

General Meeting June 11th at 2:00 pm

Our Constitution pre-committee and the Constitution Committee have worked very hard over the past three months to get our Constitution updated into the 21st Century. They will be handing out the revisions that you presented to them last month. If there is something you wish to EDIT, you have one more opportunity. You can’t add changes, only EDIT changes to what is being presented at our General Meeting June 13th.

Your revisions MUST be emailed before General Meeting July 11th meeting. That is your last chance to edit. At our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING August 8th, we will have three (3) scrutineers to take your private vote. This is a very important meeting – all must attend if you wish your voice to be heard.

And; I hear the Executive Board have a very special treat for those who take time out of their busy schedule to show us how important Bay Shore Seniors Club is to YOU at our Annual General Meeting. This part of the meeting is going to be lots of fun, and fulfilling to your tummy!

Send edit via email to: Carol cehackney2017@gmail.com; Peggy Hawthorn phawthorn@bell.net; or Lynn Davis bayshoreseniors@gmail.com.


T R A V E L – A U G U S T  A N D / O R  S E P T E M B E R !

Another important reason to come out to our General Meeting June 11th at 2:00 pm – TRAVEL will be there for you to sign up to one or both trips. The first trip Thursday, August 10th is a visit to the Farmers Market in St. Jacobs, full course luncheon, and then off to the Theatre to see “Perfect Wedding”  just $225.00 per person. The second trip Wednesday, September 13th is a visit to the “The Tunnel” at the historic Niagara Parks Power Station to view the newly constructed “Horseshoe Falls”, full course luncheon, and a stop enroute at Forty Creek Distillery for $189.00 per person.

Please see Marilyn, Betty, Debbie or Susan in the Craft Room to purchase your tickets and get more information on these two trips.

Show us how important Bay Shore Seniors Club is to YOU!


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