Message from YOUR Nomination Committee

We will soon be going through the membership list, searching for members interested in volunteering for a position on the Executive.

Two positions have yet to be filled from last year, and it is very disappointing that we almost have to beg for someone to step up and fill the vacancies. We now have the position for Recording Secretary opening up, along with a director and 1st Vice President that need to be filled. Without a Recording Secretary, the club will have no choice but to close. You must run an organization with one, as meeting minutes are mandatory.

Also, 1st Vice President helps to take some of the responsibilities off the president’s plate, as does the 2nd Vice President, who has been learning the job over the last year and those who are left are sometimes overwhelmed.

Going into the 2023-2024 election, we will have an opening for 2nd Vice President. This would be a great time to learn the ropes on the team.

This club runs on volunteers, but it is always the same people volunteering over and over. We need new blood that will bring fresh ideas and be willing to help. Many of the members that keep volunteering are reaching the point of exhaustion and various health issues. So please help YOUR club by stepping up and volunteering for one of the vacant positions.

We look forward to hearing from you before we have to call you!

Marilyn Lester; Sandy Baker; Debbie Gutsell

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