Our Library Is Now Open

June Craggs, Renate Koenig and Claude Richardson have finished cleaning and sorting our library. They have removed all our old books to make room for new ones. And, all books are reachable. They have removed the books from the top shelves.

We now have lots of large print books, along with regular print. The library is on the honour system – members only can drop in,  browse at their leisure and take a book or two home. Once read, return it. If you have any new ones you’ve finished reading laying around, help us replenish by bringing them in. If you have older paperbacks, put them in our Lending Library.

There is a book for everyone.

All we ask is that you consider the Pool players – they play Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 – 12 pm.

Thank you, June, Renate and Claude, for a fantastic job!


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