Revised Title: What Does Bay Shore Seniors Club

Sorry, my 1st publication of this Eblast missed half the title.

The Provincial Government has named June “Seniors Month.” This year is dedicated to Working for Seniors, which recognizes the importance of seniors keeping active, well and safe in their communities. As you may be aware, this the government who provides us with our Operationing and Special Grants.

They would like us to tell them, “What does Bay Shore Seniors Club Do for you; or MEAN to you?” For one individual, since playing Shuffleboard, her heart beats per minute have risen from 20 to 40 beats/minute. For another, it’s the friendships they have made over the years. 

Please help us by writing something about what the Club has done for you; or what it means to you. 

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to respond to this request.


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