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Woodcarving: (Revision to date of time change)

Please note the time change for Woodcarving will start on Friday, October 13th,  not immediately from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

 USCO Monthly Newsletter “The VOICE”

As United Senior Citizens of Ontario members, we receive their monthly newsletter. In the September issue of “The Voice,” they discuss Seniors’ Scams and Frauds, Influenza Season, and Virtual Health Card Renewal. If you want to read an issue, ask Lynn or myself for a copy. We will also leave a copy for your perusal at the front desk.

 Blue Table Runners

About eight blue table runners were made last year. We now have three (3) left. If anyone knows where they might be or has taken them home to wash and forgotten to return, please bring them back to the Club. Thank you.

William (Bill) Pearce

Bill Pearce passed away last May 19, 2023. We didn’t know until his wife renewed her membership for only one person. He was very close to receiving Lifetime Membership. We, at Bayshore send our condolences out to his family.


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