Wasn’t that a party!

Our events are bringing more members out!

I believe all our volunteers who attended the Appreciation Luncheon last Thursday had as good a time as we had. I thought the speech was great! Cheers!

Greg and Helen think I’m a “superwoman- how could she remember that!” A new caterer, Nonna, catered the food. The lasagna was delicious. Members said, “Best lasagna I’ve had in a long time.” We will try her again.

AND… the Volunteer of the Year award winner goes to Sue Millington. Congratulations! (Cheers)

Our Lifetime Achievement award goes to four (4)  members this year: Faye Walker, John Crossley,  Geraldine Hamill, aka Jerri, and Etelka Nagy, aka Chirpy! Congratulations on quite an Achievement! (Cheers)

We had fun with Team Helen & Sheila vs Team Lina & Marg as contestants fighting it out to see who would be the winners of Bay Shore Jeopardy. The game ended in the best way possible: a tie game, as declared by Carol, our scorekeeper. Thank you for being good sports and playing along. (Cheers)

Thank you to our executives, Lina, Karen Lynn, and myself, along with Don; the afternoon’s setup, preparation, and commencement ran smoothly. Caroline and Kim assisted us in cleaning up. Thank you! (Cheers)

Thanks to Norm, Kim, and Sandy M for stocking the bar and looking after all the complimentary wine, beer, water, and pop requests. Best cheerful Servers ever !!!

And Lynn, thank you for making the afternoon fun with your creative ideas. I believe they bring the members closer together. (Cheers)

Thank you for your volunteer work.
Even though you’re not in the spotlight, you are the backbone of every event.               

We are forever thankful for the time you have given us. You have made an unforgettable difference.

(Cheers) – You had to be there!
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