Pop-Up Hatha Yoga

I am shocked at the lack of participation in something our members said they wanted. Were they just the members who left last year? Especially when many members attended the Tai Chi at Lifestyles, which we can’t offer at the Club.

I believe you guys would also get many benefits from Hatha Yoga. Can you please try to come out and support your Club, and the activities we are trying to bring you.

We will introduce Hatha Yoga at the beginning of class, then move into Yin Yoga to see if you also like that, along with a meditation at the end. Then, we can decide which Yoga you would like to continue doing here at Bay Shore.

I have seven members who will attend; thank you so much!

I’m not going to ask you to let me know if you are going to attend.

Attending our Pop-Up Yoga will show your SUPPORT. Please bring a Yoga Mat and two hand towels.

Thank you!


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