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I am working with a Wasaga Beach group called Village of Hope.  They provide lunches, personal hygiene products, socks, hats, mitts, winter coats, etc., twice a week to those in need.  It’s run entirely by hard-working volunteers and funded by donations from people who want to help, in some small way, those struggling in this challenging economic climate.

A small group of us are making mats from the 4-litre plastic milk bags.  The mats help keep people dry and hopefully give a little comfort when sleeping on the cold, wet ground.  We have the knowledge and hands to make the mats, but each one takes at least 400 plastic milk bags!!  WE NEED BAGS!  I’m asking if you might donate your milk bags.  They can be dropped off at the club (I will provide a container in the lobby to put them in).

The process of turning the bags into “plarn” to make the mats is labour intense, so, if, at all possible, I would ask if you could open your bag and allow it to dry on the inside before folding it (or even better, if it smells, if you could give it a quick wash and let it dry).  This will save a few steps of washing, drying and then hanging the bags around my home, saving at least 3 hours of labour per 150 bags.

We would appreciate your donations and look at all the plastic we can divert from going into the landfill.

I want to shout out to Amanda at Baker’s Bench in Wasaga Beach, who has a box in her shop where you can drop off your bags.  And to Starbucks, who is also helping to fill the box!  And if you drop off at Baker’s Bench, Amanda has the most delicious baking for sale: yummy butter tarts, scones & cookies.

Thank you in advance so much for your help …. it does take a Village.

Warm regards,

Judy Cabell

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