Waiver, Freezer and Craft Room

If any of our Convenors or members are giving a waiver to someone who is visiting for a workshop or learning bridge, etc, PLEASE hand them the waiver only. They don’t need the membership application unless they are becoming a member. The waivers are in a folder near our mailboxes, next to the handicapped washroom.


Actual One Not Shown. We have removed the freezer from the bar to give them more room. It has only been used to hold ice. It is available to anyone who can find a home for it.


We are in the process of giving equal space in the lounge to Crafts, Access Art and Wood Carving to display their workmanship. This would be a great time to meet with a couple of members from each group after the General Meeting on November 14th to discuss how we can organize and share the Craft Room between the three activities.  Please let me know who will be attending from your group by sending an email to info@bayshoreseniors.ca.

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