What a Terrific Corn Roast

Thank you so much to all the volunteers: Greg & Helen Manion, Don & Karen Whitfield, Terry & Sue Millington, Bill Brown, Fred & Lucy Worch, Carolyn Shelswell, Russ & Pauline Blanchard, Marlene Miller, Lidia Trimble, Bev Grant, Judy Cabell, Judy Wagner, Jim Richie, Marilyn Lester, Sandy Baker, Cathy McDonald, Lynn Davis, Mary Bernardino and Gord Colton who helped make our Corn Roast a success. And thank you to our bartenders, Norm McLaughlin & Kim Keffer. I apologize if I have forgotten anyone.

Lynn’s photo booth was a big success as well; she got a lot of great pictures and good participation.

Also, thank you to everyone who came yesterday for all the delicious desserts; what an incredible variety.

Thanks again,

Peggy Hawthorn and Dee (Dianne) Colton

And I would like to thank Dee and Peggy, our Co-Chairs, for organizing such a successful event.




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